About Us


Jason Christensen:
I grew up in Ogallala, NE, hunting in and around Lake McConaughy and the South and North Platte Rivers of Nebraska. My dad introduced me to hunting at a very young age and after those first few goose and pheasant hunts I was hooked! I was very blessed as the company my dad worked for had a lease on the famed Garden County Refuge. So every opportunity I got to hunt we were usually there! My dad, buddies and I have a lot of great memories sitting out there in the old blind enjoying God’s Beauty, Big Canadas, greenheads, deer, elk, turkeys, etc…!

I have been guiding for many years and hunting since I was old enough to tag along with my dad. I have been very lucky to grow up in the Great state of Nebraska. It has an abundant amount of wildlife to pursue. I am very excited to be able to offer you some great hunts and also to see some of my great friends on a yearly basis.

We live in the heart of cattle country and Big deer. We live NW of  Arthur, Nebraska right in the middle of God's Country! When I am not guiding, I work on one of the best ranches in the Sand Hills!   So I get to see a lot of game and pattern them pretty good! I am a very blessed man with a Great wife, Kari by my side and 5 great kids; Alex, Anthony, Jordan, Lexie and Gage! We have 3 kids in college this year and are very proud of them! I am very blessed to have been introduced to the outdoors and love it when fathers/mother/mentors, etc…, introduce youth to our great outdoors! So if you want to bring your kids, I am more than happy to accommodate you and your family.

I have many references that would be more than happy to talk to you about their previous hunts! Just call (308)764-7090 and I will get you their info!

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