Nebraska & South Dakota Antelope Hunts


Are you looking to hunt one of the fastest & most elusive Big Game Animals in North America? Well we have some Great Antelope hunting here in Nebraska & South Dakota. These hunts take place in the Sandhills of Nebraska and the Badlands of South Dakota. It is prime habitat for the Antelope and the Lopers love the wide open Prairie! All of our properties are in Western Nebraska and Western South Dakota and they hold lots of goats. We have several goats that will go 14”+ and some pushing up to 16", as these areas have some great Lopers!

Nebraska residents are allowed to hunt with bow, rifle or muzzleloader but non-residents can only chase them with a Bow. We generally hunt them spot and stalk but occasionally we will set up on a windmill waterhole and try to get one that way! In South Dakota tags are over the counter at $250 and usually they don’t run out. These hunts can be a little strenuous as we do a lot of walking in the Sandhills so a little exercise can help.  Call me for pricing if you are interested in a fun and exciting hunt give me a call at (308)764-7090 and we can discuss the opportunities!


These hunts include Guide, Lodging, Meals, Animal Care and Transportation. They do not include License, Gun, Ammunition, Gratuity, Caping or Taxidermy. Please bring coolers if you decide to cut up your animal. All State and Federal laws will be followed for transportation of game!