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Words cannot express the unbelievable time Emily and I, and Mark and Mark Jr. had hunting with you and Gunner!  It was a bucket list hunt for two fathers who wanted to take their kids on a mule deer hunt.

First, it was unbelievable that a hunt booked with emails, texts and phone calls turned out to be EVERYTHING YOU SAID IT WOULD BE! Your determination to put us on deer, and show us the beautiful land you call home was unbelievable. You showed and taught us so much about hunting the Sandhills! It only took two days to make four hunters very, very happy— shooting four beautiful deer, and then hunting coyotes.

Not only did you have to calm me down before my shot, but also when Emily was getting ready for hers. There was no way for me to hold my excitement! I STILL DON'T REMEMBER JUMPING UP AND DOWN AFTER I KILLED MY DEER! You made one man from New Jersey VERY HAPPY! We can't wait for our return hunt.

Tom & Emily Dauria
Mark & Mark Jr Selle
April 2015


We have been hunting with Jason for several years now and I want to give him some massive credit for being on top of his game when finding the deer. As an outfitter, he has access to a ton of ground so he can always keep you in the hottest areas around!

We have harvested several really nice bucks while hunting there and it’s all due to Jason's hard work before and during the hunt. He takes great length making his clients feel  comfortable and at home while working hard to stay on the deer.

We have hunted with a bunch of outfitters all over the country. Jason will provide a top notch experience for anyone looking for a true western hunt. We appreciate everything you did for us! Thanks again for a great hunt and all the hard work you put into it!

The Barnett boys
April 2015


It's hard for me to put in writing how excited I am after my recent muzzleloader mule deer hunt with you. You have an amazing place to hunt and plenty of deer to chose from. My hunt wasn't supposed to start until Saturday but I showed up early so you generously took me out to see if we could find any deer for the next day. Before I knew it, we were in the deer and soon after that you had me on a nice muley buck. I knew I was in for a good hunt when you had to plead with me to hold off because you knew there were bigger deer and we had lots of time. Passing up that big mule deer buck was hard for me to do, as I had never shot a mule deer before. Considering that, I am glad I did pass him up because by 9:30am the next morning we had an even bigger one on the ground! It was a great stock that led to a nice 4X4 at only 80 yards. You have a wonderful family, a great personality, and best of all you are a great hunter who knows how to get it done. This was my 4th guided hunt and by far the best one I have ever been on. Thanks again and I will see you next December!

Andrew Ekstein
December 2012


I had the opportunity to go on my first western hunting trip with Jason at Nebraska Outdoor Experience. To say the least, it was an awesome experience!!! Jason has got a ton of land to hunt and plenty of un-pressured animals to chase. I was fortunate to tag out only four hours into the hunt on my biggest deer to date. On top of that, his accommodations and mouth watering home cooking, by his wife Kari, made the experience much like being at home. Thanks again for having my Dad and I, and hopefully I can get back out there chasing muleys again soon!

Joe Letko
Superior, WI
December 2012

Dear Jason and Kari,

I wanted to take a few minutes to write and let you and your clients know how much I enjoyed hunting with you this fall. I have been to Jason’s two years in row now, last year I got my first Mule Deer during Muzzleloader season in Nebraska and had multiple opportunities at several other bucks before I took the stud I did (on the second day!!) The hospitality was second to none and your genuineness to want your clients to succeed is like nothing I have ever experienced before. This year was no different, I took my great friend who had never shot a Mule deer before to you because I knew you would not let him down, and again, the first evening Tyler shot a great 5x5 Mulie and I thought he was going to have a heart attack he was so excited. As the President of the Nebraska Taxidermist Association, owning my own Studio, and being a lifetime hunter, I also appreciate the other details about your company that others leave out i.e. the pre-hunt scouting, the quality of the animals, the care of the animals once they are harvested and your overall attitude to get the trophy home start to finish. I not only have a favorite guide/outfitter now, I made some new best friends!! With Kari’s cooking and hospitality, your knowledge and experience in the field, and having several thousands of acres in Gods country, the sky is the limit my friend!!! Keep up the good work and we will see you soon!!!

Scott Westlund
President- N.S.T.A.

Dear Jason and Kari

I wanted to tell you how much I truly appreciated you having me out to hunt this fall. The experience that I had exceeded my expectations in every way. I have never hunted with anyone who worked so hard to meet all the needs of his clients. I was amazed to see not only the quantity of game but also the quality of animals. I was able to harvest a great mule deer and saw plenty of others in the process. Your family was a joy to be around and the trip is one I will always remember. I look forward to being able to hunt with you again soon and thank you again for the great experience.

Tyler Hauswald

Good Morning Jason,

I did receive the flash drive and I want to thank You very much. I want you to know that I had a wonderful time in Nebraska on the Mule deer hunt, the beautiful country side and just the opportunity to meet new friends. I have spent a lot of time telling other friends and family how great the hunting was and what a great guide you are. I have never been away from home on a guided hunt until this experience and believe me I am ready to go again right now! I again want to thank you and Kari for a wonderful experince. I am giving anyone who is interested in a great hunt with a great guide all your home infromation. Tell Kari and the kids I said hello. May GOD Bless you and your family with good health and happiness always. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks again.
Britt Hurlock


I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on my Nebraska hunting experience with you. I found you through the Outdoor Channel Outfitters and Patrick Tressler was confident about your ability to put us on trophy quality deer. It is because of your knowledge, abilities, and scouting that enabled me to take a trophy mule deer buck. Needless to say I was surprised and pleased to take a trophy buck in the first hour of hunting on the first day! I was also surprised by the quantity and diversity of wildlife in Nebraska. We saw ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasants, prarie chickens, coyotes, antelope, mule deer and whitetail deer and had a lot of bucks to choose from. Thanks for the pheasant and waterfowl hunting after I filled my deer tag. Please thank Kari for all her help and the excellent home cooked meals we enjoyed together. I will be back for another adventure in the future and I will recommend your guiding services to all my friends and to all who read these words.

David Foote
Jeffersonton, Virginia


You really don't have to thank me..........I need to sincerely thank you.

Your patience on this hunt over the past two years was outstanding and way beyond the call of duty. The hunt itself was a great expereince for Cody and myself. I can still see in my mind that first bunch setting in front and over us before we shot.

Your support and help throughout the hunt was also very much appreciated. I plan on hunting with you again next year at the same time...........wouldn't miss it. Remember......you and Gage are welcome to the cabin at any time.

Terry O. Samuelson
Grand Island, Nebraska

Jason & Terry,

I wanted to say thank you to both of you. I really enjoyed the day, and conversations.

Jason - You are a great host, and will be highly recommended to anyone I run into. I could tell you have put lots of time scouting and setting up to get us in a flight path like that. The sights and sounds of Sunday were just what I needed to relax, and escape back to nature. It is very evident that you love what you do. Again, a great hunt!!

Terry - Thank you for sharing, again. It was great to spend the day where my biggest worry was if I could shoot straight!! I am still amazed at the number of waterfowl that were on our doorstep. I always enjoy visiting, sights, sounds and the camaraderie.

Thanks again guys,

Cody Lightwine
Cooperative Mutual


I had a great time and thanks for allowing me to jump in with other groups!

Thanks again for saving my ass from the creek I was thinking that I would jump in first to check the depth with out the “load” on my back Then I thought no…………. it will be fine and Jason is here If I was alone I would have been more careful I know that!!

I hope you get to shoot the Snow Goose Black Cloud at 1635 feet per second I really wanted to see how it worked on birds

I had a nice time with the guys I hunted with and always enjoy talking with you

I know I have mentioned this to you but I realize how much time is spent getting things ready for us before we hunt, hours of preparation and scouting

I should be thanking you for putting in the time……………..

I really think that if you get some warm breezes this week you should kill them in Nebraska

I can not believe that the whole snow goose season is going to go by without a major kill. Especially with “second wave” birds coming in

The internet says nothing about killing only how many birds they are seeing, sooner or later the juveniles will come to you

Good Luck this week, I miss it already……………….

Maybe we should talk about a turkey hunt this fall or next spring???

Bruce Anderson


Glad to here you are pushing forward in this tough time. I know you are a great guy and outfitter. If I hear of anyone that needs to get outside from UT I will send them your way.


Hi Jason,

Just wanted to let you know what a great time we all had. It was amazing to see so many birds. We all really appreciated the great steak and the work your girl friend went to fix us dinner. You are a first class guide and a great guy. We are looking forward to being with you again next year.. Give your boy a hug and have a great rest of the year.

Warm Regards,
Bill Kidder

One of the best guides in the business is Jason Christensen. I have been fortunate to be able to hunt in many regions, and I have never found anyone better than Jason. You will find competence, game, good humor, and most importantly a great time. Jason and his team work hard from sun up to sundown, and they are always in a great mood. I enjoyed my hunt in Nebraska very much, and would recommend Jason and his team to anyone and everyone.

Dan Higginson

Thanks for the unbelievable experience!!!!!!!!!! Our experience with you in the field was one of the best experiences we have ever had! Coming all the way from Utah and not knowing you personally we were all a bit nervous about how the hunt would turn out. All I can say now is that you guys not only know how to get the birds on the ground (when we were actually hitting them) but more importantly you know how to treat your clients! Seeing literally hundreds of thousands of snow geese and other water fowl was wonderful, but honestly the best part was simply the friendships gained and the professionalism that both Jason and Aaron provided. The whole experience is second to none and has us coming back every year. Until next year, we will just have to sit back and reminisce! Oh and by the way, everyone told me you have to experience it first hand to really understand what hunting in Nebraska is all about, they were right! For me to be able to describe the sun setting on the cut fields while flock after flock whistled through the sky would be unfair! All I can say is, you just gotta be there to see what hunting in Nebraska is all about! Thanks for a world class opportunity and we will see you as soon as possible.

Joel Higginson


Thanks for the great time. You have the best goose hunting I have ever seen. We have been on many of guided hunts from Africa to Alaska and your hunt was one of our best. We appreciated the friendly sevice and enjoyed the fun joking around. Please use as a reference. Rating your hunt from 1 - 10 10 being the best we rate it a 10+. Thanks again,

Robbie, Cory & Talin
Riverton, UT

My group of 5 guys hunted with Jason last year in South Dakota. We drove in through southern Minnesota and we were not seeing any birds. We arrived in town and checked into the hotel and still no birds in the area. I gave a call to Jason and asked him where the birds were as we were not hunting until the next day. Jason chuckled and told us to head 15 miles north out of town and take a left and then a right. Well as we were heading out of town we started to see a few birds and then about 10 miles north and over on some gravel road we found the area he was talking about. Holy Birds!! Jason had done his scouting and had a area holding a pile of birds. If I had to guess it was upwards of 30,000. They were resting on a nearby lake and feeding in some fields a few miles away.

Well we did not sleep very well that night! We had snow goose dreams. We met Jason in the parking lot of our hotel and followed him out to the field. We were in the decoys and set up before first light. Jason went over the rules and safety issues and then told us to get down as the birds were on there way.

The morning was full of groups of birds ranging from one bird all the way up to flocks over 5,000. I had never experienced a "tornado" of snows and had only seen it on T.V. Well it was an amazing thing to see. The birds slowly came in and started to land amongst the decoys. When Jason said "take um" it was a white wall of birds. I did the cardinal sin of waterfowling and shot my first three shots into the wall. After not connecting I slowed down and shot 2 birds with my remaining shells. The day eventually slowed down and the birds stopped flying until 3:30 or so and then we got into the evening hunt and worked a few birds. Our bag ended up being about 25 birds. This number could have been higher is we had shot a little better.

The last day of our 2 day hunt started with rain and chilly winds. Not ideal conditions for snow goose hunting. We bundled up and headed to the field. The rain seemed to stay with us all day and at times came down in buckets. The morning shoot started off a little slower with small bunches coming in and taking a look. We had 15 or so birds by 10:00. Not much happened until a quick sandwich in the field. I am still a believer in if there is no birds in the air, grab a sandwich and a pop and they will come. The rain had stopped and we took the moment of no rain to grab some lunch and sure enough just as we got ready to eat the birds started working. We goofed up a large flock of birds as they saw us trying to retreat to the blinds. Just as we got to the blinds another group came in on a mission and we took them at 15 yards!

That group was the last of the day. The rain came back and the birds stopped moving. We headed back to the hotel to clean the birds and have a cold one.

Overall the experience was second to none. The snow geese were awesome to hunt but the real fun of the whole deal was the other wildlife we were able to see. There was a small pond about 20 yards from us and at one time we had a fully mature drake pintail, gadwall and mallard just feet from us. We had roosters doing their mating dance in our decoys and deer running by at 40 yards. We also saw waves of pheasants that would get up in the field next to the one we were hunting.

We ended the trip with 46 snows and some great memories of South Dakota.

Ben Glantz
Madison, WI

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